Our Services

Our Services include…

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Services & Consulting

Fabrice currently seats on L’Oréal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Global Advisory Board. Many companies have taken similar steps to seek external guidance by setting up such councils, from T-Mobile, to GM, Prada, or Morgan Stanley Institute. By securing external counsel on inclusion issues, companies can innovate, avoid blind spots, and send a clear message to employees, consumers, and investors that they are taking the issue seriously. Our services include technical assistance to medium to large public and private companies on empowerment and development of Employee Resource Groups, LGBTQ+ Marketing, Philanthropy, Communication, and policy development.

International Development

Fabrice is a contractor for bilateral and multilateral development institutions, to support the implementation of their strategy for LGBTQ+ inclusion globally. In 2023, working with a USAID subcontractor, Fabrice reviewed assessments in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. He is also a contractor for the Asian Development Bank in implementing their sexual orientation and gender identity strategy. An expert on the topic of sexual minorities, teaching at Georgetown University in DC, he recently published pieces in the Washington Post, was interviewed on the BBC, and quoted on Bloomberg following the international community’s response to the Uganda anti-homosexuality Act.

Speaking Engagements

Fabrice is a regular speaker at corporate events of Global Fortune 500 companies, conferences, universities, and trade associations about the role of the private sector in advancing Human Rights, how LGBTQ+ inclusion affects performance and competitiveness, and his personal journey. For guest lectures, speaking engagements, or diversity training, please email us at info@fhconsultinginc.com.

LGBTQ+ Talent & Board Executive Search

Fabrice is the founder and Executive Director of the Association of LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors, a professional membership organization with the mission to raise visibility and increase representation of LGBTQ+ leaders in the corporate boardroom. It provides programs for existing directors, support for top-tier aspiring directors, thought leadership on LGBTQ+ Board representation and advocacy for legal and regulatory changes. Find More.

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Our Clients

In 2023, our clients include DeBeers, Lonza, L’Oréal, Nestlé, EDF, AXA, East West Bank, Making Cents, and the Asian Development Bank.

Fabrice also worked on a Pride Collaboration with Allen & Overy and spoke at the Milken Institute Conference, Lavender Law, and the Columbia Business School.